Graduate Programs

Prospective Students


The School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of

Both programs are designed to provide the student with a broad perspective in advanced mathematics and its applications. To this end, each program stresses a solid foundation in graduate-level mathematics as well as an exposure to the use of mathematics in other disciplines.  Doctoral students, in addition to taking courses to prepare themselves for research in their chosen areas of mathematics, must complete a minor program taken entirely outside the School of Mathematics. The doctoral dissertation consists of original research in one of the research specialties of the School.

Additionally, the School of Mathematics participates with other Schools on campus in three interdisciplinary doctoral programs

and three interdisciplinary master's programs

These programs have their own admission and course requirements and are administered by interdepartmental committees. Students must be admitted to these programs through a participating Georgia Tech Unit. With an active faculty of over 50 people, and a population of about 100 graduate students, we are able to provide all our graduate students with first rate instruction and personal attention.