MS in Statistics

The School of Mathematics in the College of Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology and the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering offer graduate work leading to the Master of Science in Statistics. The emphasis in this cooperative program is on statistics as a science applicable in a technological environment. Although this program can lead to further work toward a doctorate in applied statistics, mathematics (specialization in statistics), and/or bioinformatics, it is designed to provide the background for success in a professional career in statistics.

Career fields for graduates of this program may be found in all areas of research, industry, and government. The program, which can be completed in twelve months, is designed to provide the graduate with competence in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and a sound understanding of statistical principles. Students work with faculty actively engaged in research and prepared to teach the latest developments in statistics. Those interested in statistics holding or anticipating an undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics, science, or some other field that indicates a likelihood of successful completion of the program are encouraged to apply.

Affiliated Faculty

The Master of Science in Statistics program is administered by the Schools of Mathematics (Math) and Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE). The main body of courses for the M.S. in Statistics degree are taken in Math and in ISyE. Choices of the remaining courses in the program are quite flexible; students in the program can concentrate their studies on a specific area of application such as Operations Research, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, etc., or, in preparation for the Ph.D., can take more mathematical courses. The M. S. degree in Statistics is awarded upon successful completion of the courses in the program as described below according to the stipulations of the Institute catalog. Electives are to be chosen in consultation with a faculty member. Plans of graduate and undergraduate offerings are available as are more details, including catalog descriptions, about all courses offered the coming semester.

In addition to the listing below see also the ISyE listing.

Core:12 hrs
Statistics Electives:15 hrs
Free Electives:  3 hrs
Total:30 hrs

All below are 3 hour courses.

Core Courses

Math 4261 Mathematical Statistics I
Math 4262 Mathematical Statistics II
ISyE 6413 Design and Analysis of Experiments
ISyE 6414 Statistical Modeling and Regression Analysis

Statistics Electives

Math 4317 Real Analysis
Math 6262 Statistical Estimation
Math 6263 Testing Statistical Hypotheses
Math 6266 Linear Statistical Models
Math 6267 Multivariate Statistical Analysis
ISyE 6402 Time-Series Analysis
ISyE 6404 Nonparametric Data Analysis
ISyE 6405 Statistical Methods for Manufacturing Design and Improvement
ISyE 6412 Theoretical Statistics
ISyE 6416 Computational Statistics
ISyE 6420 Bayesian Statistics
BME/ISyE 6421 Biostatistics
Math/ISyE 6781 Reliability Theory
Math/ISyE 6783 Financial Data Analysis
ISyE 6810 System Monitoring and Prognostics
ISyE 7400 Advanced Design of Experiments
ISyE 7401 Advanced Statistical Modeling
ISyE 7405 Multivariate Data Analysis
ISyE 7406 Data Mining
ISyE 7441 Theory of Linear Models