Current Graduate Students FAQ

0. How many credit hours do I need to register for in order to have Full Time status?

You must register for at least 12 hours every semester when you are a TA, RA, or hold another fellowship. During Fall and Spring semesters, up to 3 of these hours may be for audit. In the Summer up to 6 hours may be for audit.


1. I need to add or drop a class passed the deadline. Is that possible?

It might be possible if it is not too late. You would need to fill out a Petition to Faculty Form and have it signed by the Grad Director.


2. How can I apply for travel support?

Fill out the Travel Request Form, scan it, and email it to the Grad Director. Also have your advisor email a supporting message as well. For the School’s travel policies and guidelines see our Travel Support Page.


3. How do I obtain a letter which certifies my status and employment in the School?

The Grad Coordinator can write this for you.


4. What are the procedures for the oral exam?

See our Oral Exam Page.


5. What are the procedures and the forms I need for graduation?

See our Dissertation and Graduation page.


6. How do I register for a reading class with a faculty member?

After obtaining that faculty member’s permission, you sign up for Math 8900-X, where X is the name of the professor.


7. How do I change my PhD advisor or mentor?

If another faculty member agrees to become your advisor, simply send a message to that effect to the Grad Director.


8. I am a 5th year PhD student. What do I need to do if I want to stay for a 6th year?

Please have your advisor petition the grad committee by sending an email to the Grad Director.