Current Students

The one stop shop for all information concerning graduate studies is the Graduate Programs page. In particular, Doctoral Programs and Masters Programs pages describe the graduation requirements and procedures for all graduate students. Some frequently used links on these pages and other useful info are as follows.

Guidance for New Students

These slides are prepared for new students to provide advice and guidance about their arrival on campus, requirements for various programs, course selection, registration issues, and what to do the first year on campus.

Comprehensive Exams in Math

The comprehensive exams, or comps, for each of our doctoral programs have both a written and an oral part. Please refer to the corresponding pages in the Doctoral Programs for specific information on the format of the comps for these degrees. The links below are concerned with Math comps.

Dissertation and Graduation

Comprehensive information on the defense of the PhD thesis, as well as all the forms and procedures required for graduation are available on the Dissertation and Graduation page. Some related links are:

Teaching Assistants and Instructors

Graduate Student Fellowships

Internships and Employment Opportunities

Other Useful Links and Info